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You should be aware of the news that the Kerala government has permitted the online PDS system for the ration card in Kerala if you possess one and use it regularly. Kerala PDS or AePDS transaction with stock registry attached. Using the EPOS Kerala website, one can quickly verify their active or inactive status. Do you have any questions regarding epos Kerala gov in? To know more, read the article through to the last.

About Epos.kerala.gov.in

For those who are not aware, epos.kerala.gov.in is a government portal made by the Keralan government that gives access to the online PDS system in ration cards in Kerala. Add on to this, you will be able to activate and complete a stockpile register. Therefore, one should have a good knowledge of this site and how to use it if one reside in Kerala. We will read about how to sign in to www.eposkerala.gov.in in the next section of the post. Thus, to know more, continue reading this article.

Epos Kerala Govt in Login

This section explains how to log in to the Kerala Govt.in epos. We will lead you through a series of easy procedures to log into the ePOS kerala. Now let’s get started right now!

  • You must first visit the AePDS-Kerala website at @aepds kerala gov in order to
  • You need to be at the the “Sign in” option from the homepage.
  • After which, you need to go to https://epos.kerala.gov.in/Login.jsp.
  • You then have to input your Kerala PDS user ID.
  • After that, you must enter your password.
  • Put the captcha code in.
  • Lastly, you must click the login button.

Check My AePDS Kerala Beneficiary Status:-

You can visit www.eposekerala.gov.in to verify the details of your beneficiary. To submit details, all you need is your SRC number. To verify beneficiary details, follow the steps listed below. Details of Kerala AePDS Month by Month.

  • You must first visit the Kerala AePDS Portal.
  • “Beneficiary Details” is an option in the Left Reports Menu.
  • Next, you must select Beneficiary information.
  • Next, you must choose the Month and Year.
  • Next, input the SRC Number.
  • Finally, Fill Out and Receive Beneficiary Month-Wise Details
  • You can quickly and simply verify your beneficiary information on the ePOS Kerala gov in this method.

Register stocks on epos.kerala.gov.in:-

A stock registration on epos kerala gov in is simple to complete. You’ll see that the Kerala AePDS portal’s Menu has a number of options, including MIS, FPS, Sales, UIDAI, Allotment, IMPDS, and more. Use these techniques to examine the stock record in order to verify the ePOS Kerala.

  • You must first go to the website epos.kerala.gov.in.
  • Then select FPS from the Menu.
  • Next, select the link for the scheme-wise stock registry.
  • Choose the month to register after that.
  • Choose a district and a year.
  • Choose your ARD and TSO.
  • Fill out the stock registry and verify it.

You can quickly verify your Kerala’s epos stock register 2021 online, after you’ve completed these steps. Now that you are aware of the procedure, you can visit aepds.kerala.gov.in to view the stock registry. And it is the time to become familiar with a few of the key connections on the platform.

AePDS-Kerala FPS Services Are Available:-

The Kerala AePDS website offers the following services in addition to the scheme-wise stock register:

  • Information about Date Wise Trans Abstract Device and Dealers.
  • Details of the Transaction Status FPS
  • Commodity-specific stock registration transaction at the FPS level

On the AePDS website, you can take advantage of a few of these services. Now that you have a good understanding of the epos Kerala govt.in website, it’s time to learn how to view date-wise transactions in EPOS’s Kerala. To conveniently view transactions with ePOS data, follow the instructions below.

View Transactions by Date at @epos kerala gov in

  • You must first go to the AePDS Kerala Home Page.
  • Reports is located on the left; to access Date-wise Transaction, click on it.
  • Next, you must choose the District. Next, you must choose the Month and Year.
  • Next, you must decide on the transaction date.
  • Upon submission, you will be able to examine the “Date wise Transaction.”
  • You can check the specifics of your date-wise transactions after completing these steps.

Validity of a Kerala Ration Card:

  • The card is known for as long as the holder does not give it back.
  • This is because the ration card is invalid if it is suspended by the government.
  • Two people residing in the same home can only have 1 valid ration card.

What Records Are Needed for a Kerala Ration Card?

These are the documents required in order to apply for a Kerala ration card. These are the following:

  • It is necessary to have the person’s passport, bank passbook, or evidence of address, like as electricity and water bill.
  • Every family member has a legitimate form of identification as well.
  • latest bill for a mobile phone
  • The applicant must present an old ration card or a canceled rent agreement if they are a tenant in a leased residence.
  • Driver’s license, voter ID card, and passport-sized photo.
  • a government-issued photo ID card
  • The following paperwork is required to apply for a ration card in Kerala.


In summary, epos Kerala gov in is a very helpful website that helps the people of Kerala benefit much from the Government. This article has covered ePOS Kerala’s portal in brief and has provided step-by-step instructions for logging into the portal, as well as processes for checking the stock register, date-wise transactions, crucial links, and the validity of the Kerala’s ration card in addition to a list of crucial documents needed to apply for one. That’s all, people. I hope you were able to receive all the information you required from the article.

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