iFreeChat: India Fastest Growing Online Chat Room

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Ifreechat has become fastest growning online chat room website for user arround the world specially In Asia. They offer everything from live video call to image sharing, with privacy and security. So stick with us as we are covering iFreeChat.

What is iFreeChat?

iFreeChat is a website or app that provides faciality of online video streaming for adults. Here there are models who show some adult shows, meeting strangers via video call and others. From role play to cam chat, they have a mix of everything. Like if one wants to do adult chats, then this is seen as one of the major players.

The main objective of this platform is to cover more of the users from South East Asia like India and others. And many of the models that do work on iFreeChat are also from India. They get paid by the users in different from for spending time with them virtually.

The reason behind website’s fame is that it provides the content for free. And they make money from advertisements.

How iFreeChat do work?

This platform has many ways of working.

  • Like they have a section where strangers can meet each other and have personal LIVE chat.
  • There is a lounge section also where users can join and see one model together.
  • There are personal adult chat rooms also.

These are three ways that people do use the website the most for utilizing the content.

iFreeChat App

Yes, iFreeChat does have an app. But do not think that it can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. Hence, iFreeChat’s APK is needed and we would tell how people download the app.

  • First of all, they open a browser and enter iFreeChat’s App.
  • Now on the first five results, there are websites providing the APK file.
  • Now open the website and start the process of downloading the for app for free.
  • Now install the app into your smartphone.

But do make sure one thing that third-party apps can’t be trusted 100 per cent. So do think many times before making a move that can really work out for you. As smartphone have even your banking details, it is always better to make your own research before making a move to download the APK file.

iFreeChat Features

1. Good UI

  • iFreeChat is a third-party website. But the makers have made good UI. It helps in user’s understanding of a product. This helps them to identify things very well and start getting the services they want. 

2. Free

  • Unlike many other websites or platforms, this platform is 100 per cent free to use. They do not charge or ask for nay bank details for a user to start watching the content.

3. No Log In Needed

  • For just watching a video, there is no need to log in. However, doing it can help one to chat with a random person well and get the most out of the website.

4. Works 24/7

  • Like the user of the website does not have any tension about the timings as the website works and provide services for all 24 hours in a day. And even the server of the platform stays up and working mostly.

iFreeChat’s Benefits or Pros

  • iFreeChat works most of the time and does have different number of models.
  • It does focus on generating money from ads more than users.
  • Basic usage is free for all.
  • The UI of the website is seen as good also.
  • It helps one even meeting new people and tall to them.

iFreeChat Cons

  • The website is 18 plus and is not made for kids.
  • They have some of the ads also that offer 18 plus ads.
  • It has so many ads that come in pop up form.
  • The website promotes adult work a lot.
  • They do not have their app in App Store or Play Store.
  • It is not permitted by governments around the world.
  • The app has been seen by kids many times, which is not good.

iFreeChat’s Revenue Generation Method

It generates its revenue from ads. But they are a third-party website. It means they make deals with brands of their own. As Google ads do not support such websites, they can’t make their tie-up with ad sense for making the money. This shows a lot about the impact of iFreeChat’s app and how it makes the money. It helps them to generate 100 per cent revenue. But not being with Google ads makes them upload more 18 plus ads.

Is iFreeChat safe and legal?

This platform is one of the most known apps in the sector. Talking about the plus points, they have SSL certificate. And not talking about adding credit cards for basic stuff is good. But as they target India mostly, it is not approved by the Indian government to operate any such website. But the cyberlaws at the global level enables the website to work. Hence, the userbase they have it is in millions.

And there is no complain where the platform is being used for blackmailing a person. But despite the fact, saying that it is 100 per cent safe would nailing jelly to the wall. And hence, it depends on the user how they want to use it.


IFreeChat is a website or app that helps a user to do LIVE video chats for free. They do target Indian religion mostly and hence, many of the Indian models can be seen working there. But being an adult website, it does have the great image as it possible to do otherwise.  So it has mixed of opinions. But looking deep, it has its own ups and downs and positives and negatives.

Disclaimer :- We would like to tell that iFreeChat is a website that we are not promoting at all. The core reason of writing this informative article is to make internet safer. And it is our core duty.


Q. Who is owns iFreeChat?

Ans. It is a Stelivo LLC, a Florida limited liability company. It has its headquarters in the United States.

Q. Is iFreeChat free?

Ans. Yes, It is free for many of the basic works.

Q. Is this platform safe?

Ans. Well, it is up to the user to feel that if it is safe or not.

Q How does this platform make money?

Ans. IFreeChat’s revenue model comes from pop up ads for which, they make their own deals.

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