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In this digital and controversial time, famous celebrity actors, models, singers are always in trend on the internet but have you heard Janine Tate’s name? Janine Tate is not an actor or a singer or a model, she is a British lawyer who became globally popular thanks to the fame of her brother Andrew Tate. In this article, we are going to read about her journey that will cover her height, age, education, family background, relationship, and much more.

Janine Tate Biography

Janine Tate is a famous British-American lawyer who lives in Kentucky, United States. The reason she is famous is due to her brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate. Despite coming rom a famous family, she likes to keep herself grounded and far away from the media world

She was born in 1992 in Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. Hence, her nationality is British-American. As of 2023, Janine is 31 years old. Janine is a follower of Christian religion.

Janine Tate Bio

Janine Tate’s Height, Weight and Physical Stats

Janine Tate Height5 feet 4 inches
Janine Tate Weight56kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Body Measurements35-25-36 inches
Feet Size 6 (US)
Cosmetic SurgeriesNo

Janine Tate’s Early Life

Janine was born and bred in the UK As a child, she was very much connected to her father, mother and brothers. It was like a happy family of five people. They did have not so decent childhood. Her mother used to work as a dinner lady washing dishes.

And when Andrew became rich, she did retire her from this job. It shows that all of three siblings did not have a rich life. They had seen some ups and downs. As a child, Janine liked to eat fast food a lot and she used to be mad for having it.

Janine Tate’s Education

Janine did go to private school in the United Kingdom. She was a very bright student who wanted to do something from a very young age. Janine was one of those students who did like to study a lot and hence, she did get a law degree from one of the places in the United Kingdom. As of 2023, she is fluent in English language only. Out of all three siblings, it was Janine who was most keen in studies. But she is practicing law in the United States now.

Janine Tate’s Family

Janine comes from a very well-known family. Emory Tate, who is an African-American chess International Master, is the father of her. This is a key reason behind Andrew being very good in chess. Eileen Tate is the mother of her. Her parents did marry 1985 and parted ways in 1997. Janine’s father passed away at the age of 56 on 17 October 2015 in Milpitas, California, United States.

She is the youngest in Tate family. She has elder brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate and both of them are very famous all over the world for creating controversies. But to the plus side, Andrew has created a mega business empire and is a billionaire. But Janine does not like this life and hence, she keeps herself away from her brothers.

Janine Tate’s Husband And Children

Janine is married to Norman according to Instagram and is blessed to have two children named Roman and Remy. Roman is the elder son and Remy is the younger. Romon came to this world in 2020 at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Janine Tate's Husband

Janine Tate Relationship with Brothers Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is sometimes asked about her sister and he has had shared the feelings many times that he would love to have great relationship with his sister. But then other times, she said when asked about where does his sister live he said: “f**king Kentucky or somewhere.”

This does show that they do not go along very well. Janine does not like the way Andrew lives the life where he had done so many crimes and got jailed for it too many times in many nations. Both have very different ways of living the life and it is what that makes Andrew and Janine poles apart.

The way Andrew says wrong things about women in general, it seems that his sister does not like it at all and hence, they do not even talk or have a smallest relationship. This shows that Janine is true to her ethics. Otherwise, many would have looked the money Tate have ahead of any morals or difference in views.

Janine Tate’s Professional Career

Janine is a lawyer and she works in the United States and mostly in Kentucky state. She works full-time as a public lawyer and likes to stay away from media. As she is far away from her brothers in terms of good relationship, Janine does not handle the law cases of her brothers. She is just like a normal lawyer who works hard for good living.

Janine Tate’s Social Media

Janine is not social media. All of her profiles are made by third-party. She is different to her siblings and do like to stay away from the limelight. But there are host of people who do want to know more about her and hence, they even follow the fake accounts. She is a very shy kind of a person and hence, one would not see her coming in front of media.

Janine Tate’s Net Worth

Janine Tate net worth is somewhere around USD 1 million as of 2023. She is a self-made lady who works as a lawyer to earn good sums. And unlike her brothers, she is not mad for luxury to some different level.

Janine Tate’s Trivia & Facts

  • She is the youngest sister of famous Tate family.
  • Janine Tate’s hobbies are reading books, playing with pets and spending time with her family.
  • She does not hold cordial relationship with Tristan and Andrew Tate.
  • She had spend most of her childhood in the UK.
  • Her mother used to wash dishes.
  • Janine is a professional lawyer, working from US state of Kentucky.
  • Janine does like red and black colors the most.
  • Andrew Tate’s sister does know how to drive a car.
  • Janine likes to spend her holidays near beaches mostly.
  • She is not a huge sports fan.
  • Janine likes to watch web series on Netflix and other OTT platforms a lot.


Q. Who is Janine Tate?

She is the one and only sister of Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate. However, they do not talk to each other due to social and moral views difference.

Q  Does Janine Tate like Andrew Tate?

No, She does not like Andrew Tate because in cut short they are poles apart. They do not even contact each other.

Q Who is the sister of Andrew Tate?

Janine Tate is one and only sister of Andrew Tate. However, they do not like each other at all.

Q What does Tristan Tate do for living?

Tristan Tate is a professional lawyer and she works mostly in the US state of Kentucky.

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